We are one of the leading service providers of Security Guards, Housekeeping Services based in Delhi, India.
Our services are able to cater a wide range of clients like corporate IT, Banking, Telecoms and other industries.

Welcome to SGPS Securitas Pvt Ltd

We introduce SGPS renowned for their expertise in Security Services in the form of trained security guards. With expertise in professional security services SGPS is also providing housekeeting and manpower services. With more than 8 year of experience & extensive domain knowledge, our core competency lies in managing security services in the form of private security guard, housekeeping services based in Delhi, India to provide the round the clock supports to our clients.  The concept of Security Services has taken a new meaning with the rising awareness thefts and security requirement. In security services, our security guards are available at most of the Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and many other locations.


We operate in the e premium market segment with multi locations client base from sectors like Corporate Builders, IT, Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing, Office Buildings, Industrial Centers, Farms Houses, Residential Buildings, etc.

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